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Hydrogen Fueling For Fleets, Transit, and the Public


How it Works

Clean, zero-carbon hydrogen made on-site with water and renewable electricity

New Day Hydrogen's initial fuel stations are modular and built into cargo containers.  These stations may be placed anywhere and simply connected to electricity to generate hydrogen from water.  They can supply fuel to any hydrogen EV at either H35 or H70 standard pressures. 

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New Day Hydrogen Mission

New Day Hydrogen finances and builds public hydrogen fuel stations, initially to serve fleet customers.

We also help those fleets locate hydrogen trucks, vans, buses and cars.  Both services help fleets meet their decarbonization plus performance goals and builds the hydrogen vehicle market.

Who We Are

New Day Hydrogen is led by a team of four seasoned professionals who are passionate about the critical role of clean hydrogen in decarbonizing the transportation sector.  All four principals come from successful careers in business, law and engineering and are now devoting themselves to deploying a market-based approach to establish infrastructure for hydrogen EVs.

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief

Dan Mitchell

Assistant Manager

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

Tess Anderson

Art Director

Partner with Us

Hydrogen Fueling as a Service (HFaaS)
  • On-site, zero emissions fuel production using electrolysis

  • Stations branded New Day Hydrogen

  • Stations can be purchased, co-owned or owned by NDH

  • Fuel at per kilogram price or subscription

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