Now You Have A Choice In Zero-Emission Vehicles

Hydrogen Electric Vehicles have zero emissions, yet offer the same performance and convenience as gasoline or diesel:​

  • Similar fueling time

  • No need to invest in charging infrastructure

  • No loss of payload capacity

  • No loss of range in cold weather

Commercial Hydrogen Electric Vehicles Are Available

To assist commercial vehicle users in acquiring hydrogen EVs, New Day Hydrogen has identified and contacted multiple US-based hydrogen EV makers such as those below.


New Day Hydrogen facilitates partnerships between these hydrogen EV makers and their end-users.  Additionally, New Day Hydrogen leverages its understanding of federal, state, and local incentive programs to assist with financing.

US Hybrid Transit Van.png

Ford Transit Van

US Hybrid F550.png

Ford F-550


Xcelsior Charge H2 40’ & 60’

Axess Pic.png

Axess-FC  40’

ENC Logo.png
Lightning FC Trk.jpg
Lightning eMotors Logo.jpg

GM 6500 XD Fuel Cell Truck

UES UPS Trk.png
UES logo.jpg

Ford F-59

Roush F-650.png
Roush logo.png

Ford F-650 Fuel Cell Truck

Prinoth Logo.png

Snow Groomer


Hyundai Nexo

USH Sweeper.png

Toyota Mirai


Fuel Cell Street Sweeper