Now You Have A Choice In Zero-Emission Vehicles

Hydrogen Electric Vehicles have zero emissions, yet offer the same performance and convenience as gasoline or diesel:​

  • Similar fueling time

  • No need to invest in charging infrastructure

  • No loss of payload capacity

  • No loss of range in cold weather

What Do Other Fleet Managers Say About Zero-Emission Vehicles?
ACTransit logo.png

Listen to this interview with AC Transit on the HydrogenNowCast podcast featuring Sal Llamas, Chief Operations Officer.  AC Transit in Oakland California has published a Zero Emission Transit Bus Technology Analysis describing their decision to deploy 70% hydrogen fuel cell buses in their fleet.  Interview transcript available here.

Commercial Hydrogen Electric Vehicles Are Available

To assist commercial vehicle users in acquiring hydrogen EVs, New Day Hydrogen has identified and contacted multiple US-based hydrogen EV makers such as those below.


New Day Hydrogen facilitates partnerships between these hydrogen EV makers and their end-users.  Additionally, New Day Hydrogen leverages its understanding of federal, state, and local incentive programs to assist with financing.

US Hybrid Transit Van.png

Ford Transit Van

US Hybrid F550.png

Ford F-550


Xcelsior Charge H2 40’ & 60’

Axess Pic.png

Axess-FC  40’

ENC Logo.png
Lightning FC Trk.jpg
Lightning eMotors Logo.jpg

GM 6500 XD Fuel Cell Truck

UES UPS Trk.png
UES logo.jpg

Ford F-59

Roush F-650.png
Roush logo.png

Ford F-650 Fuel Cell Truck


Hyundai Nexo

USH Sweeper.png
Prinoth Logo.png

Snow Groomer


Toyota Mirai


Fuel Cell Street Sweeper