Hydrogen Fuel Stations

The Time is Right for Hydrogen

Energy from wind and solar continues to decrease the cost of generating electricity.  As a result, hydrogen made from renewable electricity in Colorado can now be priced competitively with gasoline.

Additionally, Colorado has adopted the California ZEV Rule so automakers now have incentive to sell zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) such as hydrogen EVs in order to earn valuable ZEV credits.  This combination of affordable, clean hydrogen and incentives for ZEV purchase makes the time ripe for developing the missing link in the supply chain: hydrogen fuel stations.

How it Works: Making Hydrogen Fuel

Clean hydrogen can be made anywhere by splitting water molecules with renewable electricity.

New Day Hydrogen's initial fuel stations are modular and fit within two 20-foot cargo containers.  These stations may be placed anywhere and simply connected to electricity to generate hydrogen from water.  They can supply fuel to any hydrogen EV at either H35 or H70 standard pressures.    

New Day Hydrogen is building a base of hydrogen users who will benefit from these modular fuel stations.  Already, New Day Hydrogen team members have helped bring Colorado's third hydrogen fuel station to Fort Collins.

Clean, zero-carbon hydrogen made on-site with water and renewable electricity

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