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HubStarter   : New Day Hydrogen's modular approach



Clean, zero-carbon hydrogen made on-site with water and renewable electricity

New Day Hydrogen's systems are modular and built into cargo containers.  These systems are assembled off-site, require only minimal groundwork, and may be placed anywhere with available electricity and water.  They can supply fuel to any hydrogen EV at either H35 or H70 standard pressures. 

Brentwood Cropped.jpeg

As demand increases, New Day Hydrogen can add further modules on an incremental basis that matches retirement of a fleet's traditional vehicles.   


On-Site Hydrogen Generation: How it Works

  • Electrolyzer – Splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity

  • Compressor – Compresses the hydrogen for more efficient storage

  • Chiller – Pre-cools the hydrogen to avoid overheating the car’s tank

  • Dispenser – Work just like a gas or diesel pump

  • Heat Pump – Keeps everything cool

HFS Schematic.png
H2 WaterWise.png
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