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Blue Water

The cheapest, greenest way to zero emissions for fleets

Providing choice for the transition from diesel 

Hydrogen electric vehicles offer several advantages:

  • Fuel in minutes

  • Lighter power trains

  • Shared fueling infrastructure

The HubStarter   Modular Fueling Station


  • Makes hydrogen onsite from water

  • Starts small for early fleets

  • Scales incrementally over time


Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at
H2 Fleet Cropped.jpeg
Hydrogen micro-hubs hold the key to affordability


  • Matching fuel production with use

  • Avoiding costly fuel delivery

  • Maintaining consistent electricity demand

Hydrogen made from water


  • Uses less water than equivalent energy extraction including coal mining, fracking for oil and gas, and mining for lithium

  • Produces no carbon emissions on site: only oxygen as a by-product

  • Generates green hydrogen when combined with renewable electricity

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