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Blue Water

On-demand green hydrogen fueling

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Hydrogen fueling for fuel cell electric vehicles.

In this critical decade, we need to move quickly to reduce greenhouse gases. New Day Hydrogen has an immediately deployable solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fleets.

New Day Hydrogen Modular Fueling Stations


  • Produce hydrogen onsite

  • Have hydrogen storage

  • Use only water & electricity

  • Are portable

  • Have customized production to meet off-take

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H2 Fleet Cropped.jpeg
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in Every Class


  • Fast fueling

  • Consistent long range

  • Low vehicle weight

  • No GHG emissions

  • Available today

Generating hydrogen from water is an
environmentally responsible way to create


Hydrogen made from water uses far less water than:

  1. Coal mining

  2. Fracking and drilling for oil & gas

  3. Mining for lithium

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