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When is clean hydrogen fuel coming for Colorado cars, and who needs to get ready?  It will take more than one alternative fuel powering cars and trucks to meet Colorado’s ambitious goals of 50% reductions in greenhouse gas emissions within just nine years, and signs are growing that much-hyped hydrogen is about to have its turn.

Fuel Cell EVs Pack a Punch and Eco-Friendly.  Read about fuel cell EVs in this interview of Brian DeBruine from an article in the Colorado AAA magazine "EnCompass"

Colorado Receives Its First Hydrogen Fuel Station.  See this article in USA Today.

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Listen to an interview with the New Day Hydrogen team on the HydrogenNowCast.


The HydrogenNowCast is the podcast of the Colorado Hydrogen Network and is devoted to promoting hydrogen infrastructure.  By way of insightful interviews, each episode explores the people, companies, and municipalities working to deploy hydrogen infrastructure relevant to Colorado.

The HydrogenNowCast is available on most major podcast apps.

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