New Day Hydrogen Mission

To promote the hydrogen market by developing, financing, and deploying accessible infrastructure and customers.

Zero-Emission Transportation

Driving towards zero-emission transportation, New Day Hydrogen is deploying hydrogen fuel stations in Colorado's front range.  Because fuel stations need customers, New Day Hydrogen is also developing hydrogen users, including fleet owners and consumers.  Although the scope is large, New Day Hydrogen's partnerships position us uniquely to engage with commercial users and vehicle suppliers -- and to match market needs with the benefits of zero-emission hydrogen vehicles.  Further, our understanding of federal, state, and local incentive programs means we can assist with obtaining financing as well.

Greening of the Grid

Like transportation, power providers also face challenges transitioning towards emissions-free energy.  Notably, imbalances between supply and demand can prove harder to manage given the fluctuations from wind and solar sources.  Unfortunately, charging demand for battery EVs can make these imbalances even more pronounced. 


However, hydrogen EVs can receive fuel made from renewable sources days, weeks, or even months after the wind blows or the sun shines.  Better yet, making hydrogen at times of surplus renewable energy allows power providers to avoid waste.  New Day Hydrogen works with power providers to maximize value from hydrogen generation while decarbonizing the sector using, for example, zero-carbon hydrogen from abandoned petroleum wells for use in repurposed coal and gas plants.

Working with Colorado's Clean Energy Initiatives

As Colorado adopts new clean energy policies and looks to incentivize public and private stakeholders to embrace zero-emission vehicles, New Day Hydrogen works with partners such as the non-profit Colorado Hydrogen Network, the Colorado Energy Office, the Division of Oil and Public Safety, and the Colorado Department of Transportation to promote opportunities to deploy hydrogen infrastructure.  New Day Hydrogen also educates state legislators about hydrogen technology and supports legislation to provide funding and tax credits for clean transportation initiatives.

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